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binary betting guide anna coullingHello and welcome to another of my trading and investing sites which this time takes a look at a relatively new form of financial betting, know as binary betting. The reason for developing this site is simple – I believe that binary betting as a strategy for financial betting will increase in popularity over the next few years, once retail traders and investors begin to understand both the underlying concepts and advantages of this relatively simple trading system. Indeed as we will see, many of the spread betting companies, are now starting to see binary betting as a major threat to their own market, and some of these more established companies are now beginning to introduce binary spread betting themselves, alongside their more traditional spread betting trading platform.

Whilst the two trading systems are very similar in the simplicity with which both spread bets and binary bets can be placed, this is where any similarities between the two trading methodologies end, with spread betting representing a high risk financial betting system based on margin and leverage, whilst binary betting as we will see, offers a low risk trading strategy with no margin accounts, and therefore a much better bet for the novice trader. Spread betting involves a trade which has both unlimited profits and risks, whilst binary bets have limited profits but importantly limited risk – a very different trading methodology.

My name is Anna Coulling and as I am sure many of my regular readers and followers will know, I am a full time currency, and commodities trader. I have been involved in both trading and investing for over fifteen years and have traded many different financial instruments, from options and futures to stocks and commodities. Having learnt the hard way, and made many mistakes along the way, I am now lucky to be able to both trade and write about the financial markets, which I find endlessly fascinating. As such, I write and publish my market forecasts almost every day covering all the major currency pairs, along with the leading commodities such as oil, gold and silver and if you would like to follow my  trading recommendations then you will find all of these in the sidebar listed under my trading and investing sites. Alternatively you may like to follow my updates on Twitter, and once again I would be delighted if you joined my increasingly global readership, as I enjoy helping others learn how to invest and trade.

In the last few years I have started to use binary betting, and also developed some binary betting strategies of my own which I am happy to share with you, and I hope that you find these useful and perhaps develop some of your own. On the site I will also be updating regularly with binary betting tips on a daily basis, so again I hope you will find these useful in your own trading.

Since starting my first web site some years ago,  I have since developed many other sites which cover a wide variety of markets. Some are simply informational sites, and others like this one provide a daily update on the market with commentary and analysis on the likely direction of future prices. All my sites have one thing in common – all the information is provided free of charge and all are listed on the left hand side of the home page.

So let’s get started and investigate this new trading phenomena called binary betting ( also often referred to as binary options ) and see how we can use binary bets to improve our trading success, but also to limit our risks.