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Financial binary betting tools

Now in order to help you in your binary betting trading, I have included a wide range of market news feeds, live prices for all the major indices, currencies and commodities, along with a dedicated TV channel which provides regular market updates and reports throughout the day. All of these are free to use and I hope you find them useful.

When you do open your binary betting account remember that this form of financial betting does not require leverage as this is a variant of fixed odds betting. Your risk is always defined when you open the position. However, when you do open a trade, if your risk on the trade is £50, then you must have at least this amount in your account should the trade lose. If you have insufficient trading capital in your account when you try to place a binary bet, then the trade will be rejected. So before you open a bet, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover any losing bet. The broker may call it margin, but we are dealing with cash only here – it simply means having enough cash in your account. If you are a novice trader I would suggest you start with the smallest amount possible in your account, or alternatively a virtual account if this is available. This will allow you to learn the basics with zero risk.

When you open a bet or trade, the amount of risk on the trade will be deducted from the available cash in your account and held as a deposit against the trade. When you wish to close a bet that is an open position ( ie before it expires) remember that you have to do the opposite of your opening position. Experienced traders will be used to this, but beginners may find this a little odd when they first start. Just remember, if you opened with a ‘buy order’, then you must close that position with a ‘sell order’ and visa versa. Also remember that when you close, you must close using the same amount per point otherwise you will be opening a further position. If you opened with a buy £1 per point bet, then you must close with a sell £1 per point bet, unless you are only partially closing a trade. Partially closing a trade is an excellent strategy to remove some of your profit from the bet, but to leave a small amount available to continue in the market, and hopefully add further to your profit. In the above example, suppose the binary was trading above 75 but we were a little nervous of leaving the bet until expiry. Then we would simply close say 50p on the bet and leave 50p still in place to continue to expiry.

Most of the trade types are relatively simple up down bets over various timescales. However as the market develops there are an increasing variety of trades being introduced, such as one touch, no touch, double touch and many more.

As we have seen, binary bets will move at different speeds depending on the range at which they are trading. Below 20, the binary will move relatively slowly, increasing in speed between 20 and 35. Between 35 and 65 you will see very fast movements and it is in this range that you will see the highest volatility. As the binary approaches 50, then a small move in the underlying market, will send it very quickly one way or the other, perhaps down to 35 or shooting up to 65. Between 65 and 80 the volatility and speed reduces until below 80 the binary will move at much the same speed as below 20. If you are opening trades between 35 and 65 please be aware that things happen very fast. Many traders using binary betting only trade at the extremes, happy to take small profits consistently, whilst others are prepared to take more losses with the opportunity to take a big win once in a while. Whatever your preference I would urge you to have a trading plan before you start trading real money. I appreciate that this is a limited risk trading strategy, but I still believe you need to have a well defined binary betting strategy before you start. My own preference is to take smaller profits on a larger number of trades, so my own binary strategy is based on opening bets which are over 80, and therefore have a much higher probability of success – smaller profits I know, but more consistent than the one big winner, once in a while. Your own betting strategy will depend on your own trading style, preferences and capital available.

Finally, thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have found the information both useful and informative, and may I wish you every success in your binary betting – kind regards – Anna