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Binary Betting Trading – 10th February 2010

euro vs dollar daily candle chart for binary betting

Binary betting opportunities yesterday were all about the non dollar and yen currencies as currency markets reversed direction lead by equity markets, as the markets welcomed the news of a possible bailout for Greece, reversing losses of the last few days. The euro in particular surged higher with its strongest rally in 2010 to date, with the euro vs dollar and euro vs yen the big winners. The good news was led by Germany which suggested that it might consider some form of financial bailout, but worries and concerns have now resurfaced with the ECB now suggesting that the IMF may need to intervene in order to prevent a collapse of the country. Indeed, Greece is not alone with the STUPID group ( Spain, Turkey,UK , Portugal, Ireland and Dubai) also looking weak, and any one of these could also add to the current crisis in due course. With such a powerful mix of fear and worry surging in the markets at present it will not take much to see sudden an unexpected volatility, and one currency in particular that will provide some binary betting opportunities in the short term is the euro vs dollar.

Technically of course the daily chart for the euro vs dollar is very bearish at present, and with deep resistance now immediately above we could see a further fall in due course following yesterday’s rally in the currency pair. I would therefore suggest a no touch bet above the 1.4050 price point, for the next 7 days.

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