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Binary Trade Tip EUR/JPY 4 Sep 2009

Binary Trade EUR/JPY

Binary Trade EUR/JPY

The FTSE, CAC and DAX have all opened up around 0.75% higher this morning after Wall Street found its feet again throughout yesterday’s evening session.  Mining shares are surging higher after an upbeat session for the sector in Asia.  Although the morning rally is gathering pace, most of this early enthusiasm is a spill over from last night’s session in the US. Overall, it’s still relatively quiet out there with most traders waiting for the release of US Non Farm Payroll figures today at 12.30 GMT.

Pair in play

With a renewed in interest in commodities and mining companies, the CAD/JPY and AUD/JPY are receiving a lot of interest this morning. There is a slight bias towards risk taking with the euro the currency of choice so far of the major pairs. The EUR/JPY is up 0.27% and the EUR/USD up 0.2%. Ultimately, currency markets can be jittery pre Non Farm Payrolls and this morning is no exception. We have seen the beginnings of positive movements for the EUR/JPY and these early trends could grow exponentially if there is a bullish job number at 12.30 GMT.  Double (up) trade might be the best way to trade this on the EUR/JPY today