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Binary betting on ftse 100 today

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
ftse binary betting daily chart ftse 100

FTSE 100 - daily candle chart 28th September 2010

The ftse 100 closed yesterday’s trading session in London with a strong signal on the daily chart, as the equity markets ended a volatile day, closing marginally higher, but with a deep wick to the lower body. The candle was created following a fall in the London stock market during the morning session, which was then reversed later in the day as US equities turned higher pulling UK shares up as a result. The key point to note from the candle is the low of the day, which touched, but failed to breach the 20 day moving average, giving us a strong trading signal that the index is likely to bounce higher in trading today. Indeed this view has been reinforced overnight with Asian and Far East markets rising once again.

This morning’s binary bets should therefore be to the long side, with either no touch bets or one touch bets the favourites for both short term and longer term binary betting strategies on the FTSE 100. The longer term target for the index is 6000 and above, by the end of the year, and a break above the key technical level of 5833 of April 2010 will provide the necessary platform for a sustained and prolonged bullish trend to this psychological level and beyond in due course.

Binary Betting – Equities & Forex Markets Fall

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
NZD/USD daily forex chart

This afternoon’s higher than expected US Unemployment numbers which came in at 480,000 against a forecast f 461,000, have triggered further selling in both the global equity and forex markets, with commodities also suffering as a result.  In late afternoon trading both gold price and crude oil were sharply lower, breaching various key technical levels as a result, mirroring the FTSE100 and DOW 30 which were also marked lower as a result. On the forex markets the two biggest losers were the Aussie dollar and the New Zealand dollar, both of which have been under pressure since the turn of the year, as speculators bale out of the carry trade and panic sell the currencies as a result. In binary trading today we saw the NZD/USD currency pair break below the key 0.70 level, and as  s result now offers excellent longer term trading opportunities for binary betting on the short side of the market. With strong potential resistance now above, we have a deep and sustained areas of price congestion, which should prevent any short term pullback from gathering momentum. My suggestion is to therefore look for no touch and barrier trades moving forward based on this technical break.

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Binary Betting Tips – 4th February 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Daily Candle Chart - NZD/USD Trading Analsysis

Candle Chart Analysis - NZD./USD Daily Chart

A relatively quiet start to trading this morning for binary betting ahead of today’s busy economic calendar, and in the forex markets there is a sustained and clear move away from the high yielding currencies of New Zealand and Australia. In early trading today the New Zealand Dollar vs US dollar pair is down by 0,75% whilst the Aussie dollar agains the Japanese Yen has fallen by 0.5%. The Aussie dollar came under further pressure today with the release of the retail sales figures which came in worse than expected at -0.7% against a forecast of +0.3%. At the same time the New Zealand Dollar fell following release of the Unemployment figures which came in higher then expected at 7.3% against a forecast of 6.8%.

With sentiment now turning against these high yielding currencies as the carry trade speculators begin to panic and sell off in ever larger volumes, today will be seminal for the NZD/USD currency pair, as technically the pair are balancing on the edge of support in the 0.70 price point. With the level of news today this could trigger a break below, providing several binary betting opportunities as a result, and for fixed odds trading I would suggest a double down bet as the best trading strategy for today. Longer term, if this support region is penetrated then a no touch bet at this level would then be the appropriate binary betting strategy.

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Binary Betting Tips – 1st February 2010

Monday, February 1st, 2010
pounds vs dollar daily candle chart for currency exchange rates

Pound vs Dollar - Daily Candle Chart 1st February 2010

The US stock markets closed last week with a heavy bout of selling with the most significant falls occurring on the Nasdaq 100, with some of the largest blue chip stocks such as Google, Apple and Microsoft being the biggest losers on the day. Apple stocks were under pressure all day following a less than enthusiastic response to the new Ipad, which received mixed reviews. For technical binary betting traders, the 1735 level looks to be a possible area of support and therefore I would suggest that this could be a good level for a No Touch trade in the next few days.

Moving to the forex markets, the biggest losers in the last few days have been the traditional carry trade currency pairs, which are now well off their peak levels of early January. For new currency traders, the carry trade involves trading a low yield currency, such as the Japanese yen ( or more recently the US dollar), against a higher yielding currency such as the Aussie dollar and New Zealand Dollar. Whilst the carry trade may appear to be a relatively low risk trade, in the last few months these speculative trades have become have become heavily oversold, with the currency traders leveraging positions ever higher – these positions are now starting to unwind quickly, with relatively small moves in the currency causing panic selling as a result. The net result is the Aussie dollar and New Zealand dollar have fallen sharply from their peak at the start of 2010.

For binary betting today, the UK pound is selling off heavily in the market as we approach the floor of the recent sideways consolidation, and should the 1.58 level be broken in the next few days, then this could signal the end of this trending channel with a deeper move lower possibly to retest the 1.55 or even 1.50 level in due course. My binary trading tip for today is to look for trading opportunities in the pound vs dollar as we break below the 1.58 price handle, which could happen later today.

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Binary Betting Tip 3 Nov 2009

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Binary Betting Tip EUR/USD 3 Nov 2009

Binary Betting Tip EUR/USD 3 Nov 2009

Royal Bank of Australia raised raised interest rates again earlier today to 3.5% (highest in the Western world) as world markets had a better day with buyers stepping into last week’s oversold conditions.  News that US car giant Ford returned to profitability certainly helped to lift markets.  News that the RBA would raise rates was widely expected by the market hence the slight fall in the Aussie dollar.  The carry trade now looks to be returning with traders and investing buying both the Aussie and Kiwi.

As markets wait for the FED, ECB and NFP the EUR/USD has been trading in a tight range since since the 28th of November between roughly 1.4700 and 1.4850. Look for a breakout of these levels today with either a breakout trade or double trades.

Binary Betting Tips AUD/USD 2 Nov 2009

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Binary Bet 2 Nov 2009

Binary Bet 2 Nov 2009

Monday morning markets are usually quiet but this morning they have all been very jittery following last week’s sell off as the FTSE 100 & NASDAQ ended October almost 2% down in October.  This weekend’s news that another US Bank (CIT) has filed for Chapter 11 in a high stakes plan to stay open while it attempts to restructure has not given the markets any confidence.  This has thrown many traders and investors into panic with demand for yen which has soared against the dollar, sterling, euro and Aussie dollar.  However, with positive noises about the Australian economy and better than expected house price data caused an immediate “volte-face” – all this before the trading week had started!!  With markets reacting (and over reacting to almost any piece of fundamental news) trading will be tricky.

Bet idea:

The Aussie has had some wild moves in the last few days and has already shown some fighting spirit today. The AUD/USD is up 0.5% while the AUD/JPY is up 0.4%. Either of these forex pairs could be at the centre of the action today and could be a good avenue for bets as markets continue to thrash out a consensus.