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Binary betting on ftse 100 today

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
ftse binary betting daily chart ftse 100

FTSE 100 - daily candle chart 28th September 2010

The ftse 100 closed yesterday’s trading session in London with a strong signal on the daily chart, as the equity markets ended a volatile day, closing marginally higher, but with a deep wick to the lower body. The candle was created following a fall in the London stock market during the morning session, which was then reversed later in the day as US equities turned higher pulling UK shares up as a result. The key point to note from the candle is the low of the day, which touched, but failed to breach the 20 day moving average, giving us a strong trading signal that the index is likely to bounce higher in trading today. Indeed this view has been reinforced overnight with Asian and Far East markets rising once again.

This morning’s binary bets should therefore be to the long side, with either no touch bets or one touch bets the favourites for both short term and longer term binary betting strategies on the FTSE 100. The longer term target for the index is 6000 and above, by the end of the year, and a break above the key technical level of 5833 of April 2010 will provide the necessary platform for a sustained and prolonged bullish trend to this psychological level and beyond in due course.

Binary Betting – Equities & Forex Markets Fall

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
NZD/USD daily forex chart

This afternoon’s higher than expected US Unemployment numbers which came in at 480,000 against a forecast f 461,000, have triggered further selling in both the global equity and forex markets, with commodities also suffering as a result.  In late afternoon trading both gold price and crude oil were sharply lower, breaching various key technical levels as a result, mirroring the FTSE100 and DOW 30 which were also marked lower as a result. On the forex markets the two biggest losers were the Aussie dollar and the New Zealand dollar, both of which have been under pressure since the turn of the year, as speculators bale out of the carry trade and panic sell the currencies as a result. In binary trading today we saw the NZD/USD currency pair break below the key 0.70 level, and as  s result now offers excellent longer term trading opportunities for binary betting on the short side of the market. With strong potential resistance now above, we have a deep and sustained areas of price congestion, which should prevent any short term pullback from gathering momentum. My suggestion is to therefore look for no touch and barrier trades moving forward based on this technical break.

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Binary Betting Tips – 4th February 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Daily Candle Chart - NZD/USD Trading Analsysis

Candle Chart Analysis - NZD./USD Daily Chart

A relatively quiet start to trading this morning for binary betting ahead of today’s busy economic calendar, and in the forex markets there is a sustained and clear move away from the high yielding currencies of New Zealand and Australia. In early trading today the New Zealand Dollar vs US dollar pair is down by 0,75% whilst the Aussie dollar agains the Japanese Yen has fallen by 0.5%. The Aussie dollar came under further pressure today with the release of the retail sales figures which came in worse than expected at -0.7% against a forecast of +0.3%. At the same time the New Zealand Dollar fell following release of the Unemployment figures which came in higher then expected at 7.3% against a forecast of 6.8%.

With sentiment now turning against these high yielding currencies as the carry trade speculators begin to panic and sell off in ever larger volumes, today will be seminal for the NZD/USD currency pair, as technically the pair are balancing on the edge of support in the 0.70 price point. With the level of news today this could trigger a break below, providing several binary betting opportunities as a result, and for fixed odds trading I would suggest a double down bet as the best trading strategy for today. Longer term, if this support region is penetrated then a no touch bet at this level would then be the appropriate binary betting strategy.

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Binary Betting Tip – 29th October 2009

Sunday, November 1st, 2009
Euro vs Yen Daily Currency Chart 29th October 2009

Euro vs Yen Daily Currency Chart 29th October 2009

It is often said that financial markets go up stairs, but down escalators and today was a good example of this in equities. Throughout October, markets like the FTSE 100 spent a lot of time grinding their way higher, only for these hard fought gains to be wiped out in a couple of days. After making fresh new highs for 2009 in October, most major indices such as the FTSE, S&P500 and Nasdaq are now in the red for the month. Financial markets have had a phenomenal run since the low points of March, but now investors are taking their gains and running to the safety of the sidelines. The main catalyst for the sell off yesterday was a surprise fall in US new home sales. However, the door to a slump was already open by the time this came around.

In this ‘safety first’ climate the yen is the favoured home for people’s money. Yesterday, the euro and Australian dollar were well and truly smashed against the yen in particular. The sell off has shown no abatement today either with the EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY amongst the biggest fallers in early trading. Aside from the yen, the US dollar is holding up reasonably well and the British Pound is holding its own.

Many of the key trends from last week have been reversed with surprising aggression. The New Zealand dollar against the US dollar (NZD/USD) is a good example of this. So if you’re looking for some action today then those currencies going from hero to zero may be your best bet. You can find most of these in the hot list below.
What’s hot?

The Kiwi dollar (If betting against): NZD/USD

Binary Betting Tip

The Euro/ Japanese yen pair (EUR/ JPY) has now reversed nearly 60% from of its move from the start of October in just four trading days and is holding around the 133.00 level. If the EUR/ JPY is going to pause, this technical level might be as good a place as any. A double (up) trade might be a good way to play this.

Binary Trading  Market Movers

Today’s major economic announcements both come from the US at 12.30 GMT. First we have the latest GDP figures which are widely expected to turn positive, indicating a return to growth for the first time in over a year. Will there be any shocks as with the recent UK GDP figures?

Secondly we have unemployment claims which are expected to show a slight dip on the previous announcement, indicating the unemployment situation is improving in the US. Watch out for the reaction to these announcements on the Dow Jones and US Dollar pairs like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

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Binary Bet 9 Oct 2009

Friday, October 9th, 2009
Binary Bet Tip 9 Oct 2009

Binary Bet Tip 9 Oct 2009

The FTSE is currently indicating a weak open, as traders waiting for the release of the UK Producers Price Index. Analysts are keeping close attention to see if inflation has started to affect the prices being charged by producers.

Crude oil overnight, is paring its weekly gain, as the dollar climbed following Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s comments that  monetary policy may be tightened once the economic outlook has improved sufficiently. Oil continues to trade in a tight range, and is unlikely to break out without some substantial news.

Pair in play

The GBP/JPY seems to have found some support around the 140.00 level, with that in mind a 3 day no touch bet on the pair with a trigger at 139.75 pays 19% ROI.

Binary Bet 6 Oct 2009

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
euro vs dollar binary betting tip 6 oct 2009

With the FTSE is currently indicating a strong open, as traders continue with their optimistic mood & buoyed by the UK Industrial Production numbers which analysts are expecting to improve over last months reading, should all serve as strong support for this current rally.  The FTSE is likely to start the day in positive territory.

Crude oil continues to trade near $70 a barrel after rising on optimism that fuel demand will increase amid improved prospects for an economic recovery in the US,  the world’s biggest energy consumer.  Overall commodities also rose as the weaker dollar bolstered the appeal of raw materials as a hedge against inflation.

Pair in play

The uptrend in the Euro/USD seems to have resumed, with that in mind a 6 day one touch with a trigger at 1.4800 pays 63% ROI.