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Fundamental news calendar

The financial betting economic calendar provides an up to date listing of the principle fundamental news due for release in the next few weeks. The data can be sorted by country and also by time, so you can select items of news for specific countries and filter out the remainder. The more important items of news area shown in grey, and hovering over the item and clicking on the red link, will open a new window with further details on the release and its likely impact on the market. The overview also provides a link to the data source for further information. The IMP column indicates the effect the news is likely to have on the markets, and is indicated as low, medium or high, alongside the previous and forecast figures.

If you would like a snapshot of the daily news on the TV channel, then simply click on the link in the top left of the calendar labelled Video Version, then this will open the TV player in a new window allowing you to watch a summary of the fundamental news, along with market snapshots for the start of trading and lunchtime review. I hope you find the new calendar both informative and helpful in your binary betting trading day.